Asking a guy out is an accepted norm today, and why not; if a woman wants to take the responsibility for her own happiness. If you believe in yourself and have the confidence then you can go ahead and ask the guy you like to go out with. Few pointers will help you out.

Take initiative

You take the first step and go up to the guy and introduce yourself saying ‘hi’ and telling your name and that you study in the same college or something similar, to make a connection. It is the first and important step in asking a guy out, so perfect the introduction bit.

Break the ice

After introducing yourself, he might introduce himself; then what? Just talk something, maybe, you notice a book he is carrying and say that you like this author and/or that you have read this book, or such thing. This helps you to start a conversation.

Ask harmless questions

To build up the conversation further, you can ask him simple things like ‘do you like movies, if so, what type? Or ‘does you like outdoor activities’ etc. This can get you both talking and sharing your interests and you can ask him for movies or game, things you both would like to do.

You can talk about his hobbies

You can talk to him about your interests and hobbies and find out what his hobbies are. For example if he likes adventure sports or swimming, you can follow it from there and say that you like to go for swim on the beach on weekends. You can fix for a day to be spent on beach.

Ask for advice

If you find getting to talk him about his interests is difficult, you could ask for some advice. People love when they are asked something as they feel good about themselves. You can follow it up with an invite as a token of thanks.

Subtle compliments

If you notice something that you like, the mobile in his hand or the color of his t-shirt, then don’t hesitate to compliment him; it has to be subtle and you should mean it. They may not admit but the guys do like when they are complimented.

Finally, ask the question

Now that you both got around talking and you got to know a few things about him, you can casually ask him if he would like to go for a movie that’s running in a theatre or any other outing. In all this, you should show that you are confident yet casual.

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