John Kremer knows more than 1001 tips which he has documented in his must-read book, “1001 Ways to market Your Books For Authors and Publishers.” Here are five tips he shared at the 21st Century Book Marketing Conference in San Diego recently.

1. Speak everywhere you can. “80 percent of books are bought by word of mouth.” Start locally. Get comfortable and then move on to larger groups. Every book that became a best-seller (regardless of genre: business, spirituality, children’s, even poetry). If you write a children’s book, speak in schools. If you write poetry, speak at bookstores. People love buying books from the author.

2. Present as much content and inspiration as you can. The worst thing you can do is hold back info.

3. The essence of book marketing is creating relationships. Find good people to partner with.

4. Get on TV, especially national TV. TV sells books. Everyone knows about Oprah, but many people don’t realize that the Daily Show and The Colbert Report can help move a lot of books.

5. Target the 100 top people who should know about your book. Contact each of them every month, once a month. These are people who could have an impact on the sales of your book. Over time, they will get to know your name. “You’d be surprised how often that works. People remember your name,” he said.

If you follow John’s tips, you might find that you will sell more books, quickly and easily. Good luck!

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