Getting children hooked to reading can be made more effective by introducing to them books that are appropriate to their age. Here is a rough classification of books ideal for children from infant-hood to the toddler years.

Children can start “reading” as early as six months old or even earlier. The moment they can grasp or hold objects can be a good starting point. Books that are ideal for children below one year of age are board books with bright colors, patterns, shapes and pictures. There are even small board books that can be attached to the stroller for baby to look at while you are out and about.

Cloth books are also recommended as baby can be introduced to the different textures of various materials. There are even books with a reflecting surface or non-breakable mirror that will delight babies as they just love looking at faces. Also, there are plastic books for babies that can be held while they are in the bath. When buying these books, examine them closely for sharp edges as these can cause cuts on their fingers or their mouths.

From one to two years, board books with simple story lines can be introduced. Most of these books have stories about mommy and baby animals wherein the concepts of friendship, adventure, and love between parents and children are introduced. Some of these books come with instructions for parents on what actions to do while reading the books. Children will be entertained when reading time is interactive.

After two years of age, rhyming and storybooks will be longer. The stories are usually of a child or baby animal looking for something or someone. With these stories, children will learn the concept of travel, other places, directions, and also of helping others. Some of these books have flaps that when moved will reveal something under.

Instructional books are also introduced at this time. Examples are books about farm animals with buttons to press that make the corresponding sound, and books about everyday things that baby will see and do in the house such as playing, eating, brushing his teeth, etc.

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