Authors are always asking me how they can make more money. I'm here to tell you that it's not by writing a new book, it's by repurposing it. Repurposing is the key to making one idea many – it's the metamorphis of one concept into many others that appeal to a wide range of different markets. (Repurposing can even help you with your online book marketing strategy.)

It's so much easier to find a new market than it is to find or write a new book. Repurposing material is an ingenious way to make money from a book. With each repurposing there's more profit. And that's the name of the game.

Here are four ways to repurpose your content and accelerate your profits:

Hard Cover Book

Creating a book out of repurposed content or a creating a compilation book is an inspired way to profit from a book. If you have anything that is collection-based, such as letters, articles, lectures, seminars or product reviews, you can create a compilation book. Compilations are created a lot in the music industry – think of your compilation book as your "greatest hits," no matter the topic.

Soft Cover Book

A soft cover or paperback book is the repurposing of you hard cover book. Know that a soft cover is nothing more than a repurposed message that is more affordable to a certain segment of the market. And I'll tell you something – many people who purchase hard covers also purchase soft covers.

Digital eBook

An eBook, or electronic book, is the digital equivalent of your printed book. eBooks are downloaded directly from the Internet as a PDF file and can be read on any computer or specialized eBook reading device. Many people prefer eBooks because they can pay, download the book and be reading it in moments. eBooks satisfy people's want for things "now." And for you – there is no cost to print, ship or store a printed book.


Audio is another powerful way to repurpose a physical or eBook. An audio CD is reading your book. Think of people driving in their cars on long trips. They obviously can not read a book, but they can listen to an audio book. People during a commute can listen to audio content and make the most of their time in the car. Other digital formats you might look at as well include an AudioGenerato or an MP3 download format. No matter what the format – read your book.

(As a side note to these four ways of repurposing, I think everyone should have at least three virtual book tours to promote their books – one before the hard cover is launched, one when it is launched and one for the launch of the soft cover You can even have events to launch you eBook and audio book.

Remember that your hard cover book, soft cover book, eBook and audio book are just a vehicle. You are the message and that's what is most inspiring – no matter which way the content is repurposed.

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