As we begin to read, understand and apply Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill we start to realise the importance of the book, its equal significance today in peoples lives and in the lives of business owners in particular. We learn from the opening parts of Think & Grow Rich, than Napoleon Hill was commissioned to do the work by one of the great leaders of the business world, Andrew Carnegie. At this time, Andrew was a very influential figure and was admired and respected in the business community, not just by his peers, but by government leaders as well.

When the book was written, it was read and understood by many. Business owners and World leaders related to the teachings of the book and could in some ways attribute their own success to the success principles uncovered and highlighted by Napoleon Hill.

Throughout the book and even just taking inspiration from the opening pages, we are assured that by following the simple teachings of the book, we too can achieve success.

I have read Think & Grow Rich a few times now and the more that I read it, the more relevant it becomes in that:

  1. Think & Grow Rich must become my philosophy. I can read the book 100 times, I can agree with the book 100 times, but if I do not actualise the teachings of the book, starting with my own philosophy, then I will never achieve success.
  2. Be X Do = HAVE – in order for me to achieve what I want to achieve, I must first have clarity of thought, I must undertake the work required, and that may mean making certain sacrifices. Most importantly, I must become the person I need to be.

The philosophies of the book are simple, but not always easy. There may often be easier routes to take – These are the distractions of life and your ability to understand what it is you want from life will dictate which route you take.

All the great leaders of the world, and Napoleon Hill often took the road less travelled while still following very simple philosophies in life. Because they persevered, they achieved and in hindsight they could compartmentalise their reason and thoughts.

The book was written as a guide for people, not as a means of gaining fame and fortune. How many people fail to past chapter 1? And where are these people today in their own lives and in their business?

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