As I was saying, I was lucky enough to find myself sitting next to this gorgeous woman on an airplane. Of course, it's not always easy to make small talk with such a beautiful woman, so I just kept to myself as we prepared for take off …

After being in the air for about ten minutes, she reached for her bag and pulled out a book. She let her seat fall back and started reading, clearly absorbed by what she was reading.

I happened to get a glimpse of what book she was reading and I was quite surprised. The title of this particular book was, "Human Sexual Records."

Now, this was something! I couldn't believe it, so I cleared my throat and said, "Hi, excuse me; I couldn't help but notice the book you're reading … Tell me, what exactly's that book about, if you wouldn ' t mind … "

She looked over at me, closed the book, and smiled sweetly. She said, "It's one of the most fascinating books I have ever read! Did you know that Native American men have the largest penis girth out of all men …? Not only that, but the men who have the longest penises are Polish men … By the way, my name's Karen, what's your name …? "

I cleared my throat for a moment and said, "Geronimo. Geronimo Kowalski. Pleased to meet you."

Well, yes, that's an old joke that's been told thousands of times with the storyteller probably taking liberties and inserting his own ethnic background into the punch line, just to make it all the more special. But it still gets a chuckle out of me and reminds me of the importance of "Does Size Matter?" and people's obsession, fascination, and interest in penis size.

The fact is that a larger penis is a more dynamic, exciting, and sexually rewarding penis. That is, over a penis that is smaller-than-average in size. We can be creative and come up with all sorts of reasons why a large penis shouldn't matter. But the reality of it is that having a small penis does matter … And men who have a large penis typically have advantages that other men don't have.

It's not unlike a man who's loaded with money. Women will tell you that having pockets full of cash and a bungalow in the Cayman's doesn't matter. But, oh boy !, wait until one of these guys appears on the scene and see how long it takes for the women in the room to make this guy the center of their attention.

So, does a large penis really matter? Does a guy being loaded with cash really matter? Well, if you had two men who were exactly the same, except one man had a larger penis and the other man had a smaller penis, which man do you think most women would prefer? Ask yourself the same question regarding two identical men, one who is rich and one who isn't, and decide, for yourself, which man a woman would most likely choose …?

A poll was taken where women were asked personal questions about men and the size of their penises. There were lots of question and lots of answers. However, one question / answer that really got my attention was regarding women and a man's physical attractiveness in relation to the size of his penis. Honestly, I was shocked by the results, as I didn't realize how much women do appreciate a man who is larger in size. Anyway, by an overwhelming majority, the women who were polled stated that they would rather go out with an average looking guy with a large penis, instead of a drop-dead handsome hunk who was sporting an average-sized penis!

Again, I was completely shocked by the response of the women. Clearly, Size Does Matter. We can try to make ourselves feel better about it by ignoring this fact or pretending that it's just propaganda, but the fact is that it is the truth.

Thankfully, for men like me who are average in looks and who were average in size, there are methods that can help us. And that is simply to create a larger penis. There are many methods to do so. From penis surgery to penile weights, to penis exercising. My favorite, which I recommend, is penis exercises. These are simple methods in which a man manipulates (works out) the tissues of his penis to help it grow bigger. Simple, safe, and something a man can do by himself in his own privacy and at his own pace.

Then, before you know it, you can call yourself Geronimo, too.

Georg von Neumann

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