A lot of people would like to actually have a relationship that lasts, a relationship that goes the distance and to find someone who they can say is their soul mate now and forever. The Love in 90 Days book is a phenomenal book to read that covers so much about having success in dating and maintaining a healthy relationship.

There are many women who have decided that they’re going to be stuck checking the “single” box every time they apply for something for the rest of their lives, there are some women who feel as though they’re just destined to be alone or never find the right guy, and some women choose to believe that they don’t have time for relationships or that love is a ridiculous thing to expect a guy to be able to truly give.

Diana Kirschner, the author, wants women to know that finding love in 90 days isn’t impossible and she doesn’t simply claim to know how to do it. Her book answers the questions that I and many other women ask. Questions like…

* Why am always attracted to jerks?

* Why does every relationship I have result in a break up?

* What qualities should the right guy have? How do I know he’s the “one”?

A lot of us just seem to always follow deadly dating patterns. We find ourselves dating the same guy over and over again and we end up in “friend zone” when we want to be more than friends with a guy. The Love in 90 Days book covers in detail many aspects of dating and what it takes to have a relationship that can actually result in marriage. Some of what’s addressed in the book is…

* Knowing the mistakes women make that result in the guy being in the arms of another woman.

* Signs that a guy isn’t relationship material and that you are wasting your time dating a “player” or a guy who has commitment phobia.

* Discovering why and how having sex too early in a relationship will result in it failing.

Diana’s Love in 90 Days book has helped women of all races, ages and whatever their relationship status is. She helped women who felt they were too overweight, too shy, too old, women who were buried in debt, and women who were greatly successful figure out how to bring lasting love into their lives. This book was a great read and it was a real eye opener.

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