It has been a long time since I have read a book that has been able to chill my veins or make me cry.

The Lonesome Dove is exactly what I needed. Although it is a long read, when you start you easily get hooked.

In fact it is so impressive that I actually did not want the story to end and as I reached the last couple of chapters, it actually was depressing to realize that the fun was over.

The story has its own share of horror and heart wrenching moments. The plot of the story is a very simple one, the adventure begins when a group of out of work Texan rangers, an ex-whore, and various cow-hands of all ages are assigned the task of driving across the country into Montana.

The plot is a slow one but the writing is so amazing and the characters so interesting and like-able that one does not really notice the slowish pace. The list of characters in the novel is a long one and there are many subplots so if this is not your sort of thing i would not recommend it.

The book is full of horror, you learn fairly quickly to not get too attached to the characters, when they are trampled by the herd or pushed off a ridge. There is one death that left me pretty shaken up and made me think that the character was not really dead. Death comes easily and unpredictably, add to this the desperation of these times when medicines were not exactly reliable …..

I can not really do justice to the lonesome dove, so I will just recommend that you read it for yourself. Before the text begins, a quote is given: "What they dreamed, we live, and what we dream, they lived".

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