When I ask someone if it is worth it to buy a strategy guide, I can always see the look on their face as they struggle to answer me directly. I'd say a vast majority of gamers really want to own strategy guides. Not everyone will use it as the tool it is meant to be. Rather, some gamers will simply use it as reading material for those times when they can't play the game.

Do I think it is worth it to buy a StarCraft 2 strategy guide?

The answer to me is an astounding yes. You have nothing to lose when you buy a guide. Whether you buy a physical guide in a retail store or you buy a digital copy online the results are the same: you become better at the game. You will learn things that you probably did not know. For instance you can learn different ways to play your chosen race than you already do or learn different ways to defend against the other players you encounter online.

Guides are out there to do just that: guide you. They are not meant as a source for cheats. I have never once seen a guide that shows cheats in it for a multiplayer game such as StarCraft 2. There are guides that do show cheats for console games that are meant to be played alone, so that if you cheat its only affecting you. There are no ways to cheat in multiplayer games like this. There are only techniques and strategies. Everything you learn from a StarCraft 2 guide will be 100% legit and cheat free.

The only downside I can think of is spoilers. If you want to read ahead in the guide for the campaign there's nothing to stop you, but you may ruin surprise elements of the game for yourself.

Which version is better: physical or digital guides?

This really comes down to the gamers' preference. Some gamers want that thick book in their hands that they can read anywhere they go like a magazine or a normal book. Some gamers love the idea of ​​having it on their computer so that they don't have to worry about losing the guide.

In almost all cases I believe that a digital guide is better simply because everything that a physical guide will have, a digital guide can have also. You can print out the digital guide if you want to read it elsewhere. If you have a smart phone such as a Blackberry or an iPhone you can take it with you wherever you go.

Digital guides are also given regular updates. Games such as StarCraft 2 are guaranteed to have tweaking happen throughout the life of the game. It is the nature of multiplayer games like this. If something is unbalanced and needs to be changed because it is overpowered, or maybe if it's too weak and they change it to be much better, then you will need to know about it. And you can bet that a digital guide will have that information. A physical guide will never be updated like this. It costs far too much money to produce updates for guides like that.

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