A Short Introduction To Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a orphan, forced to stay with his cruel aunt and uncle. Soon he realizes he has some extraordinary powers and he is taken to the wizard school of Hogwarts by Hagrid. He learns that his parents were killed by a dark wizard named Voldermont. From there on in all the books, Harry Potter tries to kill Voldermont, not only to avenge his parents death, but also save the Wizard world.

The books under this series are

  1. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
  2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  6. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

A Short Introduction To Inheritance Series

This story comes from a village where, a poor farm boy named Eragon finds a dragon egg. He does not realize that the dragons egg belongs to the evil King Galbatorix.The dragon egg hatches due to Eragon’s touch So soon Eragon is hunted down by King Galbatorix and his army. The king’s enemies realize Eragon is a chosen one to get the egg, The kings opponents , that is the Vardens and elves try to protect Eragon as they believe Eragon is the chosen one to be the Dragon Rider and can help them to fight the King. The story thus continues. Inheritance has two books currently, Eragon and Eldest. The next book called Brisingr, is due release on September 2008.

Well, I know I did not give a very exciting, entertaining introduction to both the book, but I just wanted to keep it short. Both the book are very exciting and a compulsory page turner. Both have so many exciting twists that you will find yourself forcing yourself to read the books in one shot.

So this is the differences I find between Harry Potter and Inheritance Series.

Harry Potter is a very light read series. It has so many exciting, unthinkable and out of the world creations, that you simply cannot stop admiring the creativity of J.K. Rowling. For example, the dungbomb, chocolate frog, Hogwarts, the invisiblity cloak, platform 91/4 just to name a few.

But Harry Potter however has some very illogical twists and turns which is later made logical by the explanations of Albus Dumbledore (the headmaster in Hogwarts) in the book. For example in the first book, when Lord Voldermont confronts Harry Potter, he touches Harry Potter and suddenly his hands start becoming life less and begin to crumbling, thus killing himself. And thus Harry Potter kills Lord Voldermont just by touching him. Harry (and obviously the readers) remains puzzled about why is that Voldermont start crumbling like dry mud when touched and asks Dumbledore about it. Dumbledore gives a clean and clear explanation about a protection of love, cast by her mother, when she died trying to save Harry. Througout the whole series of the books, there are lots of similar illogical which are later made logical by some explanations by Dumbledore and other peers. Whereas the Inheritance series is a complete opposite of this, there are countless edge nail biting twists, but none of them are illogical. Everything follows a clean order, and everything remains in logical order all the time.

Harry Potter has some real good comic characters like Ron, Peeves the poltergeist. There are good laughable comic sequences involving even serious characters like Harry, the Durselys and even Dumbledore and Snape occasionally. Where as in Inheritance series, there are absolutely no laughs. The humor quotient in Inheritance is zero, non-existent. Inheritance is a very serious novelwith very very serious plots. Christopher Paolini claims Angela, the witch, is the comic character in his book. But I barely found her cracking some jokes or playing any pranks. So coming to humor harry Potter rocks. However, unlike the rest in its series, the last book in Harry Potter series,i.e Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows very grave and serious.

Eragon and Eldest is written much in a Lord Of The Rings style. Those who have read LOTR, know that the book is many times painfully high on details. The fine details given on “out of the context” things in LOTR can really get boring at times. The Inheritance trilogy written in LOTR style is also full of details, but details are only about things that matter and about things and factors which affect the story. On the other hand, Harry Potter is very low on details. That’s why I called Harry Potter books for light reading initially.

I rate both Harry Potter and Inheritance series almost equally. Both are good in their own aspects

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