I’m not surprised that you’re wondering how to write a book title. As an author of fiction novels, I totally understand the kind of bemused puzzlement you’re feeling right now. I mean, you’re the author, so shouldn’t the title of your book just come rolling out of your creative mind and onto the page?

Shouldn’t it be easy?

Well, in a perfect writer’s world it would be, but we live in the real world and coming up with a title for your book is going to be challenging. There are so many things that you could name your book. And, seemingly endless word combinations that may, or may not, be just perfect.

You rack your brain. You stare at a blank page in anticipation. You toy around with a few ideas that don’t really go anywhere. At this point you can either let it completely frustrate you, or understand that all authors go through this “searching for that perfect title” phase and it’s something to be embraced.

I suggest that you grab a piece of paper and have fun brainstorming various word combinations. Write down anything that comes to your mind – even if it’s a little crazy sounding. The perfect title may only reveal itself after you’ve written down dozens of potential titles. This is especially true if you’re the author of a fiction book.

Non-fiction authors should focus on titles that blatantly tell your prospective reader what major benefit they’re going to get from reading your book. If you are the world’s best public speaker, then you want your book title to convey that the reader can be just like you, because you’re going to give them all the tips and advice on how to be a great public speaker.

An example title for this type of book would be:

Public Speaking Secrets that Mesmerize Any Crowd

Do you see how that title would jump out and grab the attention of someone who struggles with speaking in public?

On the other hand, fiction book titles are all over the place. It’s much harder to pin down what attracts readers to a particular novel. I mean, some best-selling novels have only a one word title. Still, if you’re a new author, you don’t have a fan base yet who will snap up your books regardless of what it’s called. So, you should still try to come up with something interesting.

Your novel has to compete with hundreds of others in the same genre. Why should someone read your novel?

Try to come up with a title that symbolizes something unique or special about your story. You can focus on a character name, special place, event or time period.

When you finally lay your eyes on the right title, you’ll know it because it will be an “aha” moment.

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