Do you know that you can figure out what’s really going no in a woman’s mind just looking at the way she acts around you? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could easily figure out a woman’s actions in advance and formulate your next move based on that? A lot of guys out there feel that it’s hard to figure out a woman but it’s real easy if you understand how they really act and think. Read on to discover some of the most astonishing ways using which you can easily figure out what’s really going on in her mind…..

Which way is her body facing- This would tell you a lot about whether she really likes you or not. You see by studying which direction her chest is facing you can figure out whether she is interested in your talks or not. Normally if she is interested in you she would always have her chest facing in your direction…..And at the same time if she is not interested she will always have her chest facing in some other direction. You see facing in the other direction means that she is trying to get away from the situation.

How close is she standing? – The amount of distance between you and her would also tell you a lot whether she is interested in you or not. You see if the girl is OK with your presence she would normally start very close to you and would not mind your presence at all. One of the best way to test this is to try and stand a bit close to her and see whether she stands there of goes back a bit. You see if she goes back a bit then it’s more than obvious that she is not that into you.

Is she touching around? – This is the best possible way to know whether a girl is really into you or not. Is she touching her hair, forehead, playing with her bracelet or does she constantly tilt her head to the side while talking to you? These are very common signs that the girl is into you therefore if she does any of these things then she likes you for sure.

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