1. Be attentive to yourself. Avoid the media i.e newspapers, telly etc they just inform you of all the unhappy and negative things that are going on around the world and in other peoples’ lives.

2. Live in the now, the moment.

3. You cannot change the past so do not worry about it.

4. You cannot predict the future so don’t worry about it.

5. Realise you cannot change other people, so either accept them for who they are or gravitate towards those who do make you happy.

6. Exercise. You don’t have to be wonder woman or superman, but exercise releases endorphins that will naturally pick up your mood.

7. Learn to let your mind be quiet for 10 minutes a day. Just sit/lay somewhere quiet and comfy and close your eyes. When a negative thought pops into your mind just mentally ask yourself “what am I thinking now?” move on to a positive thought, and every time a negative thought comes into your mind repeat the process it does not matter whether you have 10 minutes of asking “what am I thinking now” you will be pulling your mind away from negativity. This is training your mind to think what you WANT it to think rather than let it go feral and throw anything at you. Over time you will be able to just sit quietly and literally think of nothing, this enables your mind to become more capable of feeling relaxed and happy.

8. Jump up and down on the spot as many times as you can. I have no idea why but it always makes me giggle when I do it!

9. Listen to music you adore, that lifts your heart and makes you want to dance.

10. Do something that makes you feel good, it doesn’t matter what it is or how small it is just a little something to bring you joy.

11. This one sounds way too easy, but, smile. Simply by letting yourself smile will bring your happy levels up.

12. Read regularly and widely, articles, books anything that has a positive, or happy theme to it, if it makes you laugh out loud, even better!

13. Stand tall, breath slowly and deeply. I am only 5 ft 1″ and I can manage it. It is another very simple thing but if you stand with your head held high and shoulders back you will look and feel more positive. Breathing deeply and slowly helps relax, and stops panic. Think about it for a moment if you had just been told you had won something you would sit up straight and laugh or smile. So always feel like a winner!

14. Everything is about thought, so only think happy and positive thoughts. Your feelings and emotions are a guide to your thoughts and alert you to what you are thinking. So pay attention to how you feel. If you are not feeling good use technique no. 7 to halt your thought pattern. Then find something nice to think about. You don’t have to trawl your memory for something good that may have happened, just simply stop and look around you and appreciate something in your line of vision or range of hearing maybe someone is wearing a jumper in your favourite colour, or has spikey hair that makes you smile. Maybe you can hear people laughing or even the strange swooshing noise cars make as they whizz past. It’s the simple art of stopping your negative thoughts in their tracks that lifts your mood, then finding something to appreciate raises it further.

15. Appreciate things in your life you want to change, as they give you the direction in which you need to go to move forward. Knowing what you don’t like automatically leads you to know what you do like.

16. Keep your space at work/in the vehicle/at home tidy it will give you a sense of breathing space in your mind.

17. De-clutter your life. If you haven’t used/worn/noticed you owned/not known what something is for, for 6 months or more get rid/throw away/sell/donate to charity/give to a friend who would love it. This will then free up space for you to obtain something wonderful that you do want, will use/wear/play/listen to/read/sit on etc.

18. Write a list of things that really make you happy and try to re-introduce them into your life. Remember this is a list of things that make YOU happy, don’t try to make other people happy, they do that for themselves.

19. Always focus on what you do want and never on what you don’t. Imagine you have a little pixie/fairy/god/goddess/badger that is around you at all times listening in on your thoughts and as soon as it hears a want it goes to sort out getting them to you. So always think positively e.g:

“Wouldn’t it be great if I had a fantastic day at work”

off it pops to get you a fantastic day at work or

“wouldn’t it be superb if I owned an Overfinched Range Rover*”

(*other dream cars are available that is just mine!)

So off it goes again to get your dream car.

Keep away from the negative listings i.e

“my money isn’t going to be in the bank yet”

as off your little dream maker will go to make sure that your money will not be there. Or

“I don’t want this car it’s awful”

your dream maker has just heard you say “want this awful car”, so off it goes on its quest for a car with no wheels.

20. Sing out loud. Find your favourite song and sing your little heart out.

To sum it all up finally, remember this is YOUR life and YOUR experience only YOU can live it there is little point in jumping through hoops to please somebody else, only please yourself. This is not a selfish thing to do as when you are happy you make those around you happy, when those around you are happy they make those around them happy and so it continues! So YOU being happy will effect far more people than you ever imagined.


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