Late December for many of us is a time of reflection of the past year and to set new targets and goals for the coming year. With experience and age we learn what works for us and what doesn’t. There in lies the trap in choosing what we want to improve in our lives. It’s easy to set a goal we are comfortable with. It’s making a change in the areas we want to improve that are the toughest.

The following are four books I read this year that reached me in ways I least expected. These books led me to make changes in my personal and business life the very day I read them.

  1. The Outliers, Malcolm Galdwell. This book is about the story of success. How did the greats in sport and business become so successful? There are many factors in success including timing that include our up bringing and our intelligence. The one success indicator in all cases was practice and learning. Yes folks, good old fashioned hard work.
  2. Will Power, Roy F Baumeister. There are also many valuable tips in this book with one being how our glucose level is connected to our moods and your ability to stay on task. The author recommends when not to have those difficult conversations. Timing and the proper nourishment are key to maintaining will power.
  3. All Marketers are Liars, Seth Godin. I’m a Seth junkie. I like all things Seth. This book will change how you look at marketing forever. I am a big proponent of being unique. Keeping it simple and making our customers feel like they are getting more that they expected is huge. The underlying message in the book is to create a story about your product or business that your potential and existing customers embrace. Match your companies unique ability with emotion and your business will flourish.
  4. You Can You Will, Joel Osteen. This book caught my attention one Sunday afternoon while browsing in the local book store. It jumped off the shelf at me. The strange part of all this is that I am not a religious person and Joel Osteen is probably the most successful evangelist in the world today. I believe in a greater power but uncertain to what that is. I just know it exists. I could not put the book down. There was little mention of religion that totally surprised me. This book will change you in ways you did not think possible.

The self-improvement business is huge for a reason. As a society we have become comfortable in understanding our selves and knowing what makes us tick. We share our emotions now more than ever before. That I believe makes us feel good. Thought provoking books are the windows to our mind. The choice is do you want your mind to have control over you or do you want to have control over your mind?

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