One of the most frequent asked questions in Farmville is how to earn Farmville cash fast. Some of the players do not even know what differentiates Farmville coins to cash. What are they normally used for?

While Farmville is the common money you use to buy normal seeds, common items, and necessities in game. Farmville cash is the money you get only on few occasions which I will explain to you later in this article. With the cash you can earn several special items, decorations, and alternate versions of items you cannot buy using coins.

There are a few ways to earn the cash without cheating:

Leveling up

Every level up brings benefit to you, for example unlocked items and 1 note of Farmville cash. New players are lucky because the bonus cash note is newly implemented. Read my articles on how to level up quickly to earn your cash this way.

Pay with Cash

You can earn Farmville cash by paying with real cash. I myself consider this worth the money since I really love the graveyard set up and I want it bad for my farm. I think that some people also feel the same for their favorite items.

Taking chances on the Limited Offers

As opportunistic as it may sound, if you take on every offer you get, you will end up with quite a good amount of Farmville cash. You can sign up for book clubs and cell phone ring tones for example. Also you can fill out the surveys. You will be able to sort the offers according to their categories, for example: free offers, pay offers, and cellphone offers. Always check the cellphone offers carefully before joining, because most of them are subscription services.

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