We all want a love story that last through the ages, written by Lauren Kate, Fallen is a Love story between Lucinda Price and Daniel Grigori. In Fallen, Lucinda Price arrives at a new school: Swords and Cross after an incident in the previous one. She meets and falls in love with a boy in school, Daniel Grigori. Another boy who is her senior, Cameron Briel tries to break up the relationship between Lucinda and Daniel After a series of events, Lucinda realizes that Daniel is not who is seemed to be: he and Cameron are fallen angels, and Lucinda has fallen in love with Daniel every time for one thousand years.

Follow the second book, Torment, Lucinda is brought to a new school, Shoreline which houses normal humans as well as Nephilim: humans with angel bloodline. As Lucinda becomes more and more frustrated with the secrets that Daniel is keeping, and how the whole class knows about her story but is not allowed to tell her. Surrounded by the Nephilims, Lucinda learns a few new tricks, and in a panic to run away when a group of Outcasts, immortals who are neither angels nor demons, arrive to take her away by force. In her panic, Lucinda managed to run away by traveling to the past, and in the process she had decided to learn about the relationship she had with Daniel over the previous incarnations.

Passion, the third book explains to the readers about why Lucinda's previous incarnations did not live past the age of seventeen, what happens after she dies. As Lucinda travels through time, mysterious stranger crops up, offering to help her understand her past better. With the help of the stranger Lucinda witness the strength of the love Daniel has for her; while Daniel is desperately trying to catch up with her, with fear that her accidental meddling with the past would alter her future. In the end, the reader would learn why Lucinda would spontaneously combust, but with the answer comes more questions. The book is heartbreaking, yet the hope that love will prevail will make the reader anticipate the last book for the series: Rapture.

Lauren Kate has managed to create a love story that is romantic and interesting. She reminds the reader that although love makes people do great things, and it is worth fighting for. It is not only a love story between two people, it is also a story about faith and freewill, about doing what is right. Lauren Kate also stresses on importance of friendship by writing about betrayal and how people can overcome differences to work together.

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