Let me recommend a book that you should read if you are a straight guy and worried that you can no longer compete local lesbians for the hottest women.

The book is: “Roberts’ Rules of Lesbian Dating” By Shelley Roberts; Spinsters Ink Books; 1st edition (August 1998).

Why should you read this book? Well, let me tell you all a little true story; Okay, so there I was sipping on a White Mocha Frappachino, with one-pump of Hazelnut, one-pump of Cinnamon and no whip, when two hot looking girls walked in. The place was filled with guys, so needless to say everyone’s heads turned. One girl grabbed the others butt and squeezed, I imagine most of the guys there, were going; “oh yah!”

Me, well, I figured out they were lesbians before they even walked through the door after seeing that little rainbow sticker on the car. A funny thing happened though, another totally perfect blonde drives up in a Porsche and parks out front, and comes bouncing in wearing here workout suit, there is a gym across the street from Starbucks.

The two lesbians immediately start a conversation with her and this goes on while all the other guys are listening and watching, and everyone once in a while one speaks up with a funny comment trying to break into the conversation to no avail. Turns out before the conversation was over the two lesbians had invited the Porsche chic over to their place for the next day for tennis and Jacuzzi.

One of them mentioned she was a certified masseuse, and every guy in the place was thinking like; “Oh please, invite me, invite me!” That led me to this next observation and perhaps one that most guys are not thinking about, but should be completely alarmed over and that is as the gay movement grows in popularity; “Every straight guy is now in competition with every Lesbian for the Hot Babes.”

And judging from this brief event at the local Starbucks, they should be worried, as they will probably lose. Think on this and read the book I mentioned above.

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