What may just be one of the main driving forces that pushes a man to increase the size of his penis? The answer may surprise you.

Most men, when they were boys, loved to read comic books. Not comic books like Archie or Donald Duck stories, but comic books about super heroes. You know, about “Real” Men and not cartoon ducks. In such books, seemingly normal and average men had something to hide from the rest of society. What they were hiding was the fact that they weren’t just some normal and every-day guy, but that they were really superheroes in disguise.

Most of these characters battled evil entities for the good of mankind. Such tales taught boys that it’s good to be good. Such traits are chivalrous, worthy, and certainly needed to keep evil from taking over and exploiting the good people of the earth.

However, most of these “average” men had something else in common, and that was that they had the ability to turn themselves into these super-human heroes on demand. One moment they’re a boring newspaper reporter, and then bam!, they’re off to save mankind from some alien monster hellbent on enslaving the people of the world.

Such stories filled the minds and hearts of many men, as well as many women, too. For men, these stories instilled in them the concept that average and ordinary men, could become such super-human characters. They made boys believe that anything could be accomplished, especially if it was for the “good” of mankind.

When men decide they want to enlarge their penises, could it not be that this reminds them of their earlier days and their favorite comic characters? You know, believing in the concept that a man, through some form or mechanism, can change and alter himself to be bigger than big and larger than life?

Certainly this concept seems to be instilled in a lot of men who are interested in enlarging the size of their manhood. A lingering remnant of the heroes that they loved from their youth, heroes who probably influenced their thinking, morals, and judgement in more ways than they realize.

And penis enlargement gives these men the opportunity to be just like these heroes of their earlier days. When a man decides that he wants to enlarge his penis, and discovers that such results are possible to achieve, it mimics those “Man of Steel” yesterdays that were so enlightening, rewarding, interesting, and exciting for him.

Men don’t have to try and find ways of changing themselves to be a superhero to do battle against all the evil in the world, as that’s got to be impossible these days. However, he can “change” and “alter” his penis just like his superhero influences were able to “change” and “alter” their strength, physique, and abilities. An average and ordinary man, who has a five-inch penis, can “change’ and “alter” his penis size to superhero-sized proportions.

For example, “Joe” no longer has to feel like an average and ordinary man with his five-inch penis. Because, through penis enlargement exercises, he can increase his penis length and girth to above-average proportions. The end result is that Joe truly becomes a real-life Man of Steel.

And why not? When people stop dreaming, fighting for, and doing their damndest to become improve themselves, then the spark of life in such people gets snuffed out. Encouraging and supporting people who do want to improve their lives (and others) is something that we should all do; including improving ourselves.

Men who wish to dream and realize that they can create a penis of superhero proportions are encouraged to make their dreams come true and live out their lives to their absolutely fullest, greatest, and most fantastic levels.

And, we shouldn’t forget, just imagine the look on a woman’s face when she thinks she is going to bed with just an average and ordinary man, only to be shocked and surprised that she is really dating the “Man of Steel” who’s truly a superhero in the bedroom.

Georg von Neumann

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