Everyone knows, or thinks they know, how a Dear John letter reads. It's the typical dump letter a girl sends her boyfriend or husband, to end it once and for all. Dear John I Love Jane is a new book just released which breathes a whole new meaning into the Dear John story. It chronicles the new trend of dumping the man for another woman.

Editors Candace Walsh and Laura Andre met on Match.com and after experiencing the phenomenon personally, they decided to create an anthology of several women's journeys through personal narratives, in this compelling, new read.

I recommend for you to follow the journeys of 27 different women, most of whom made this discovery about their sexuality later in life. Victims of social pressure, self-denial and repression, they did not become aware of this aspect of themselves until, through a series of circumstances and experiences, the truth finally broke through.

And yes, there is plenty of content to sweep your emotions from one extreme to the other. The incredible strain on relationships, self searching and painful decisions each woman faced, gives the reader a glimpse into the complexity of each journey. Some are happy endings and some are not.

Each story is unique but overall, the women featured view their sexuality as having evolved over time. This is a fascinating and enlightening exploration into the rarely examined realm of female sexual fluidity. I recommend this anthology to anyone seeking enlightenment and a deeper understanding of human sexuality.

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