Chronology is a timer app for iPhone and iPad. It just looks like a simple timer. But it can be a very useful tool when combined with a task management system based on rotation or “bursts” that Mark Forster suggests in his book titled “Get everything done and still have time to play”. The rotation task management system can be summarized as follows.

First, write down a list of tasks to do on the paper.

Second, start a countdown timer of 5 minutes. Do the first task on the list for the 5 minutes. Take a five minute rest again by setting countdown timer.

Third, start a countdown timer of 10 minutes. Do the next task on the list until timer goes off. Take a five minute rest.

Fourth, start a countdown timer of 15 minutes. Do the next task.

I guess you can get the picture of how the system goes before I bore you with more numbered list. By the way, increasing work time by 5 minutes and having 5 minutes’ rest is not a strict rule. You can try as many variations as you want. For example, instead of alternating among different tasks, you can just repeat the same task like writing a blog post or an article in repeated bursts that start from 5 minutes until 30 minutes while inserting 5 minutes’ breaks between each work sessions.

I consider this rotation method one of the most effective ways to overcome procrastination and get your tasks actually done. If you are interested in trying the rotation task management system, check this link and also read the book “Get everything done and still have time to play”. Now, to implement this system, a good countdown timer is a must. Chronology perfectly supports this rotation system as if the developers had the system in mind when they wrote the app. Chronology can run have up to 12 timers. Each timer can be countdown or count up timer. As you can give names to each timer, you can allocate each timer to work or break sessions. When the timer goes off, it will make an alarm sound that you choose from 12 sounds.

You can also make the app start the next timer when the previous timer goes off, which saves the trouble of manually starting each timer. This automated triggering of timers is a useful function that makes the app fully compatible with the rotation system and allows you to get your tasks done based on each timer without losing the work flow. As the app supports multitasking of IOS 4, you don’t have to keep it open. It will sound an alarm with pop up message even if you are running other apps on your iPhone. Chronology is a good timer app in itself and also recommendable if you are interested in the rotation task management system. Chronology comes in two version and works for iPhone and iPad. A free version named Chronolite can run up to 4 timers. A paid version is called Chronology and costs $2.99.

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