Book Name: The Great International Paper Airplane Book

Date Reviewed: 4 November 2006

Author(s): Jerry Mander, George Dippel and Howard Gossage

ISBN #: 0671211293

Year of original book/Year of my copy – 1967/1967

Pages – 128 pages

Cover Price – $2.95

Number of Planes – 20 Planes

Names of planes – No named planes. All are numbered 1 – 20, no named planes, but several winners of duration, distance, acrobatic, and origami.

Level of difficulty – 8 out of 10


This is IT! For me, this was the first book on paper airplanes I owned, or read for that matter. I had made only a couple of kinds that my brothers had shown me before reading this. All other books I have read on paper airplanes are judged in comparison to it.

The story behind the competition is interesting and amusing, but can be difficult to read at times. There is a lot of great photos of contestants who’s designs didn’t get into the book, and a pretty self explanatory photo of a paper match rocket that is fun to make.

There is no explanation on the mechanics of flight.

It has 20 designs, which cover a lot of the basic styles of planes, giving the new reader a lot of inspiration for future designs.

I give this book a score of 9 out of 10, almost perfect save for the absence of a chapter on instructing new users on the essentials of flight.

I wholeheartedly endorse this book, it is still relatively cheap, has relevant content and has a great assortment of planes!

Total score: 9/10 planes

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