Dr. Hawkins marvelously achieves explaining the anatomy of consciousness itself in a way that even though your conscious mind might be confused at times, another part is delighted with its discovery. As it says in the foreword to the book: ‘For the first time in our Western intellectual record, he shows that the cold light of science is confirming what mystics and saints have always said about the self, God, and the very nature of reality.’

More in details

Using Kinesiology, a method to get an accurate answer to any question with a yes or a no, true or false answer, Dr. Hawkins created a logarithmic scale of the different levels of human consciousness ranging from 1 to 1,000. On this scale, which is used throughout the book to reference various emotional states, religions etc. the book ‘Power versus Force’ calibrates at 850.

The book is divided into 3 parts:

In Part 1 he describes the tools and the process of moving towards one’s ultimate potential. The author explains in detail the different stages of his scale of human consciousness, based on his 20 years of research, which, in essence, charts one’s spiritual growth.

Part 2 delves into various areas of human life and the difference between power and force. This provides insights into the quality of human interactions and relationships in various areas of life: in the marketplace, politics, sports, arts, physical health, well-being and creativity.

Part 3 emphasizes the current state of man’s consciousness and its evolution. He suggests that our level of consciousness can be increased through greater integrity, understanding and compassion. This part was truly inspiring for me and it’s interesting that these chapters rank the highest on the scale compared with the others.

About the author

Dr. Hawkins is an inspiring human being, innovative and internationally known as a spiritual teacher, author and speaker. He covers the subject of advanced spiritual states, levels of consciousness, and the realization of the presence of God as self.

He has published numerous scientific papers and videotapes and a series of books on the transition from normal ego state of mind to its elimination. ‘Power versus Force’ is the first book in a trilogy, followed by ‘The Eye of the I’ and ‘I: Reality and Subjectivity.


This book has done something to my consciousness, which I cannot explain with my rational mind. I have felt that specific chapters had an intense effect on me, experiencing intense states of joy and happiness for no apparent reason.

You might find yourself challenged by certain aspects of his method or intrigued by others as Dr. Hawkins relates the world of spirituality to the hidden dimensions of humanity and their behavior.

It is not an easy book to read but it is definitely well worth the effort and will leave you with a higher level of consciousness than when you started.

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