Written by: Christopher Andersen

Gallery Books

ISBN: 978-1-4516-2145-7

312 pages


3.5 Stars

Reviewed by: S. Burkhart

Andersen pens a history of the royal love story behind Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton. While there’s no particular insights, William and Kate’s story rings honest and true. It has an “every day” feel that people can identify with.

Andersen starts the novel by taking a look at the influence Diana (and Charles) had on William. He’s a bit of an obnoxious toddler at first, but around six, William starts to follow his mother’s lead with kindness. William soon forms a special bond with his mother. Once she dies, William begins getting closer to his father.

Elizabeth II realizes how popular William is with the people and meets with him often. She wants to groom him for the throne. Upon William’s graduation from Eton, he arranges to go to a school in Scotland – St. Andrew’s.

Enter Kate Middleton. She was born to middle class working parents. In the mid-1980’s, the Middletons turned their Party Pieces business into a success. The Middletons have a good, stable marriage, giving their daughter a solid moral code. Able to afford St. Andrews, the Middletons send Kate to the school.

During a fashion show at the school, Kate attracts William’s attention. Within time, they arrange to stay off campus with a mutual friend and soon become lovers.

Kate carries herself with class and impresses not only William’s father, but the Queen as well.

In 2007, William shocks the world by breaking up with Kate. She takes it well and holds her head up high. Within months, William realizes it was a bad decision and sets out to win Kate’s heart back. William and Kate’s love story has played out over several years, but it’s a story we can root for – after all, William is Diana’s son and she was the People’s Princess.

Andersen’s writing is engaging. He begins with William’s story and shows a very human side of Prince William. Andersen reveals a dream that haunts William – Kate dying in a similar fashion as his mother.

Andersen’s characterization of Kate is spot on. She’s a classy lady whose stable background and hard-working roots provide William with the breath of fresh air and stability he needs. There are color photos that chronicle the couple throughout their relationship, providing a nice compliment to the story.

Andersen’s book provides a sweet on the surface of William and Kate’s story, and their world. It’s a nice tribute to their romance as the couple’s wedding approaches.

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