As a reader the first thing that causes me to lose interest in a novel is when I have to reach for my dictionary and place it next to me. There is nothing more annoying than having the flow of the story interrupted, because the author loves to show off his literary skills to his audience, by seemingly being more interested in using big words than to focus on the flow of the story.

To my mind, it is far more impressive and important than using words that are unfamiliar to the average reader. If you are writing about rocket science then that may be different. Some authors do not realise how detrimental it is to their career as a writer by using “uncommon words,” in writing, and the reader is forced to have to look up the meaning of these words. This is why so many adults enjoy reading children’s books, they are simple, and easy to mentally digest, making them a delight to read, and many of them also contain illustrations of some sort.

I remember reading a book authored by C.S. Lewis called “The Magicians Nephew.” Obviously he was an author with great imagination, who had both insight and foresight, which he knew would capture an affluent audience worldwide. I still have all his books and I never tire of reading them over.

Common sense should tell an author that if he wishes to do well with his writing career, then its a good idea to write books that are most suitable for all ages, that way there is a lesser need for an author to use “uncommon words.” (big words) When stories are written in a simple format, I find them more enjoyable and uninterrupted, and reading is therapeutic.

When I speak to people about the books they have read, many of them mention children’s stories, and how they enjoy reading them to their children. Most of the books I have truly enjoyed have been family sagas and children’s books that have been suitable for adult reading. Romance is a compelling genre I have found to be easy reading as the storylines seem to flow with our instincts without being harshly coarse in parts. Some of us may find uncommon words a pleasant challenge in a story, but the people I have spoken to about this would prefer to read the simple version of the story.

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