Book Clubs are always a great way to keep your brain active. So why not incorporate a way to keep your body active at the same time? In our busy world today, yoga is just the thing we need to slow down, relax, and take time to smell the roses.

In order to have a successful yoga book club, you must find 3-4 other members who are willing to get physical with you! By this I mean part of the goal of your group will be to discuss the yoga books you’ve chosen and the second part will be to share your favorite pose at each meeting. For those really ambitious groups, you can actually meet once a week and include a yoga class at the local gym as part of your meeting. Just so long as you go for a chai tea afterwards and not a milkshake!

There are two main spins on a yoga book club. You can choose to become “the yoga group” and participate in some variation of a yoga class, even if you teach it to each other, or you can be a yoga book group where most of the focus is on reading and most of the practicing the positions takes place on your own time.

This is a great idea for those people interested in taking up yoga but feeling a little unsure of where to begin. This is also a great idea for the very advanced yoga goers to come together and share their best tips and techniques. And if you’re somewhere in the middle, well there are plenty of people there too! You can make it work at any stage.

Find full advice on starting a yoga book club.

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